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Central Resource Serves Commercial Real Estate

I am thrilled to see the launch of CIRCUIT a|e|c|re.  Throughout my career in Commercial Real Estate, I have connected people to opportunities. Both from the job search perspective, assisting professionals looking to make a change within the industry and mentoring real estate students toward their early positions, and from the owner/employer perspective. I can’t count the number of calls I have received from friends in leadership positions in the industry asking if I knew anyone to refer for a particular opening. I know first hand the need for this solution. We just don’t have a central resource for job postings in the commercial real estate industry.  CIRCUIT gives us just that.

Additionally, I like that CIRCUIT is not just a site for job seekers or employers.  In “Word from the Field” I look forward to reading what professionals (and Jean) will be posting about employment trends, industry news, developing and investing in employees and other valuable information that currently doesn’t have a central location.

I look forward to watching CIRCUIT grow!

Chris Korjenek
Senior Project Manager, Lanser Public Affairs

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