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The Circuit Story

Jean Casey, President of Circuit a|e|c|reCIRCUIT a|e|c|re founder Jean Casey has provided Business Development services in leadership positions for several leading Wisconsin architecture firms for over 18 years.

When filling an open position in the Marketing departments she oversaw in architecture firms, the process was simple. The firm would post on a niche website created in Wisconsin called Big Shoes Midwest, a source for employment in Marketing, Graphic Arts and Public Relations. It is well known as the go-to employment website for those industries. A shortlist was created from a pool of resumes received, interviews were conducted and a qualified employee hired, for the price of a single post.

Know Anyone Who’s Looking?

Finding an architect, interior designer or construction administration professional, however, had never been easy — and it’s harder today than ever.

Openings are posted on firm websites with hope for visits from qualified candidates, fingers are crossed while posting to LinkedIn, posts are purchased to complex, non-industry specific sites that offer more services than are needed,  and/or an inordinate amount of money is spent on a recruiter … all with mixed results.

Jean realized that architects would benefit from their own niche employment website. After talking with owners in the larger industry landscape, she learned of common frustrations and roadblocks. What was truly needed was a niche employment website for all who create the Built Environment — professionals in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Commercial Real Estate (a|e|c|re). These industries work together constantly on projects of all sizes. Wouldn’t owners benefit from the ability to leverage not just their own, but their colleagues’ and partners’ networks as well? Her research uncovered resounding support for the CIRCUIT solution.

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