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Work Space and HR: One Topic Two Ways

Paradigm shifts creating the Augmented Workforce driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Gig Economy and more are examined from both…

What Millennials Really Want in the Workplace

CBRE surveyed 7,000 employees and 13,000 millennials from 12 countries. Their report, Millennials: Myths and Realities, debunks many myths about millennial expectations…

Adapt or Bust: Flexibility, Agility Drive Today’s Workplace

CBRE has created the Agile Real Estate Knowledge Hub, an online resource with a goal toward optimum flexibility and productivity…

Construction Industry Attracting More Women

Mortenson’s Angela Brzowski on the growing percentage of women in the construction workforce thanks to initiatives like Women in Construction Week,…

Unkown New York, the City that Women Built

Architect and film maker Barbara Willis talks about her eye-opening 17 minute film, Unknown New York, the City that Women Built. The…

Six Trends in Engineering Hiring for 2018 and Beyond

As appeared in Consulting-Specifiying Engineer, the article lists trends for hiring that include increase of entry-level positions and utilization of internships….

Women Continue to Face Myriad Challenges in the A|E|C Industry

Although this article appeared in ENR in January of 2017, it would be terrific to hear perspectives on trends felt…

Five Workplace Trends the Commercial Real Estate Industry Must Prepare For

From the emergence of the empathetic building to workplace design driving employee retention, Christopher Kelly examines trends best not ignored….

Central Resource Serves Commercial Real Estate

I am thrilled to see the launch of CIRCUIT a|e|c|re.  Throughout my career in Commercial Real Estate, I have connected…